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What is the best non-lethal self defense weapon?

Happy weekend, friends!  I hope you are all starting to enjoy some warmer weather and are getting outside for some fresh air!

A question I get asked frequently is, “What is the best non-lethal self-defense weapon?”  I respect the right to gun ownership, but not everyone wants to carry a gun.  Like me, some have children and they worry about those children accidentally finding the gun.  Just last week, in another suburb of my city, a child accidentally shot himself to death.  My heart aches for that family.  When these gun accidents do occur, they are often fatal, and there is no coming back from that.

For those citizens who do want to protect themselves, but do so in a different way, there are many options!  I’m grateful that we have other choices that do not mean almost certain death.

I like to have a variety of options at my disposal.  For example, pepper spray can be used against an attacker from a distance.  It is ideal to diffuse a bad situation without having to come in close contact with your attacker.  At, we have a great variety of pepper sprays.  We have wildfire, gels, fogger, you name it.  We also have inert sprays so you can practice without having to use an actual pepper spray.

So what happens when you can’t stop your attacker from a distance? What can we do then? In these cases there are still options! Stun guns are an effective way to halt an attacker.  Surprising your attacker with 18,000,000 volts of electricity can give you time to run away and get help.

We also have police-grade Tasers, knives, and personal alarms, and more.  I personally carry multiple items for different situations.

Many people wait to protect themselves after a frightening situation has already occurred.  Please do not wait until you or a loved one is victimized to take action.  Having a way to protect yourself and not having to use it is far better than needing to protect yourself and being defenseless.  We cannot predict the future, but we can be better prepared for what may come.


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